Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In today's day and age, advertisements are constantly surrounding individuals throughout everyday activities. The simplest activities are plagued with massive amounts of advertisements in the hope that the public can be intrigued by the product and will go out and purchase it. The internet, television, newspapers, and other social mediums use many forms of advertisement. However, most commonly we see the sexualization of women in these ads. Jean Killbourne's Killing Us Softly depicts the message of overly sexualized women in advertisement. Women are constantly objectified by men and media, to the point where the younger generation has come to create an ideal of the perfect woman. She brings to light the issue of photoshop, as well as the fact that women are seen as objects.

These women are objectified to be desired by men and in turn have these men buy the product. Sex sells and women are what is used to target these males. The emphasis that is placed on perfection have driven todays generation to pay for surgery, makeup, creams, and clothes. A lot of the time women are presented with barely any clothes on or naked in order to attract attention to the product. This advertisement is trying to sell a sneaker that the woman is holding.

Photoshop is an important tool in creating the perfect advertisement with the perfect woman. Killbourne explains the fact the this program is used to perfect every part of a woman's body, but does nothing for the real woman, the woman who is not perfect but beautiful regardless. Many men view these types of ads and feel that woman supposed to look like these photoshopped versions.

However, there are advertisements out there that have tried to change the image of this perfect, beautiful woman. Fruit of the Loom released a commercial this year that deals with the women of every shape size and color. Commercials like this are necessary in order for the young women in the world to understand that they are beautiful regardless. The industry has the power to change the type of 'beauty' that people seem to think is the only type of beautiful. By showing different woman comfortable in their own skin, acceptance of everyone would occur, as well as the realization that every woman is beautiful.

Ultimately, there is no need for woman to be belittled or portrayed as submissive to males. There is no need to have naked photoshopped women to sell sneakers, as this nike ad did. Woman do not need to be portrayed as sexual objects for men in order to sell a product, and by things such as this fruit of the loom commercial, there is a chance for change.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Adverting is the big reason why we are able to enjoy the things we have for free such as radio, web sites and TV. It has the ability to get our attention. Hundreds of ads are seen/heard each day. Therefore, an effective ad must stand out from the competition and grab the consumer's attention. It is important that the potential consumer learn something about the product. An effective ad involves the reader in the details of the ad and carries the reader's attention through the ads It also has the ability to transmit the message. Clarity is important if the consumer is to understand the message given the limited ad space available. It may convince the potential consumers to accept the message of the ad and the ad brand. Last it has the ability of the ad to persuade you to accept the product, the brand, and to buy.

Ads can also make the youth see something which isn’t true. For Example Most ads are showing girls who are a size 0 ½ posing next to something that has no purpose in having a girl there. The kids would look at these girls as role models and think that’s how they are suppose to look like. Kids would then want to do what ever it takes to create that image. If they can’t they would think that they are ugly and hate there bodies.

In killing us softly it talks about how Ads show a female image to the world just to sell a product. It also talks about how they would change a female image to make it the so called perfect women. Most of the youth do not know that the people change her image and shape by using Photoshop and other digital tools. These kids are now trying there hardest to be like that person. When that real person can not even be the person.

The ad I choice is a ice cream ad, but shows a girl holding the ice cream and she has on a binky. You can’t not see the girls face but you do get a great shot of her big breast as she holds the ice-cream breast high. This is a perfect reason why sex sells. The ad is in another language but it doesn’t take a nerd to notice that she is holding an ice-cream. By seeing the breast it makes you want to really look at the ad more then you will notice what it is really about.

I think she you show a kid holding the ice-cream on a really hot day and he or she is happy. It can also promote the brand just as good as the girl in the binky, who face you can’t see. Doing it my way will be suitable for all ages to see and want to buy the product. Who can say no to a kid I know I can’t.



Thursday, August 11, 2011


Advertisement is all around us, running through the screens on our computer and television, or on the billboards on the side of the street, there is no denying that advertisement runs the world’s economy by influencing the way we view products and models. Despite the fact on how we are constantly trying to avoid advertisements, the advertising companies are a persistent bunch constantly trying to get our attention in whatever means possible; they resort by showing us images that identify to sex, race, and power hierarchies.

In this new Soho ad by Calvin Klein it not only portrays a sexual image but also a “sexually charged subliminal message” as CBS New York would say. If you don’t see it, the billboard also includes the F word whether it was intentional or not this provocative ad is selling sex. In Killing Us Softly, Jean Kilbourne, points out some interest facts on the sexist screenings that advertising companies put on women. Portraying a body that only 8 out of million people are born with and not advertising the body of your everyday women. Another reason for images such as these is Sex sells, which is why there are constantly pictures of half- naked people on billboards. Kilbourne also points out that advertisements are objectifying women, making them no longer a person and just an object or a thing to please men.

In this second advertisements Intel Processors is portraying a White tech nerd in the center with six dark skinned men in a set position. Although Intel is trying to promote how fast their processors are, what this message showed people were dark skinned men bowing down to a white guy. The advertisement also says "Maximize the power of your employees", if this also included a number of other race, this wouldn't seem so racist. This is the power hierarchy that Corporate America is trying to promote; bow to the white men, they are your superior and your boss. This advertisement portrayed both racism and power hierarchy.

Advertisements wouldn't be so offensive if they represented people better. Using not just supermodels on their ads but the everyday people. They also don't represent everyone, meaning that America is made up of different races, but the advertising agency only sees white and black people. When advertising agency begin to include other races they misrepresent them and use stereotypes instead, misrepresenting people with accents and gestures.

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